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Correcting Treatment for Dark Circles and Smoothening Fine Lines

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Dark Circles
Fine Lines
  • With its regenerative properties, Revealing Grace awakens and replenishes the area around your eye, instantly brightening it while plumping up fine lines and crinkled skin.
  • Formulated with 3-Step Brightening Complex, a proprietary blend of Gigawhite, Actiwhite and Willow Bark Extract, it effectively fades away dark circles by slowing melanin production.
  • The de-puffing applicator further stimulates circulation in the eye contours making the application a relaxing experience and promotes under-eye de-puffing.

Your skin has a story to tell, listen with compassion.

Your skin has a story to tell, listen with compassion.

Your skin has a story to tell, listen with compassion.

Your skin has a story to tell, listen with compassion.

Your skin has a story to tell, listen with compassion.

What is 3 Step Brightening Complex?

Its a proprietary blend of Gigawhite, Actiwhite And Willow Bark Extract that helps illuminate dull skin around the eye area.

Gigawhite is known to remedy skin discolouration and sun damage, Actiwhite helps to reduce dark spots and evens out skin tone around the eyes. Willow Bark Extract, on the other hand, provides intense moisturizing benefits to skin around the eyes.

91% of participants agreed that dark circles around their eye were less visible in just 2 weeks and 100% Showed Visible Improvement in Wrinkles (With Longer-Term Results After 4 Weeks), When Applied Properly*

Relaxes the look of crow's feet Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Visibly brightens under eye circles and immediately enhances radiance Reduces the look of puffiness and dark circles

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Let's bloom with grace because tomorrow something beautiful awaits

"Assurance that ‘something beautiful awaits’ is good news and we need to wait very patiently for what is going to come our way. Trust the process. "


At what point should Revealing Grace be included in my skincare routine?

Revealing Grace can be used both day and night. As a thumb rule if your moisturizer is thick, then Revealing Grace should be applied before that, and if your moisturizer is light, then layer Revealing Grace over it.

Does Revealing Grace have anti-ageing properties?

Yes! The Peptides and Ceramides in Revealing Grace have regenerative properties that smoothen out fine lines and improve the firmness of the eye contour.

Customer Reviews

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Pearl Goveas

I recently tried out revealing grace and it worked like magic on my skin, not even gonna lie on this part, it’s application is so easy and the way it just seeps into your skin and gives you a tinge of calmness is really amazing!! It’s a great formula to get rid of your dark circles and above all it keeps your skin hydrated!!

Sajjan Rajput

. The lightweight formula absorbed quickly into my skin and left it feeling hydrated and refreshed. The product's standout ingredient, Vitamin C, brightened and evened out my skin tone after just a few uses. I would definitely recommend this product to others looking for a high-quality skincare solution.


The products are very nice and very helpful! It has no harm or any other side effects. It has helped me the most in my skincare routine. Thankyou for this wonderful product.

Umang Lakhera


Work on fine lines

I use this eye applicator on my fine line areas like the eye corner and bit on the lip corner. As it is already written it is an eye applicator still I thought to give it a try on lip corners as well. with the help of the applicator, I do massage it for 2mins on each area. somewhat I feel like my fine lines are not expanding and getting a bit reduced as well.